Beverleigh has been part of my life and journey for well over ten years. Her readings are always incredibly insightful, accurate, and beneficial; her healings amazing and magical; and her teachings full of wisdom and divine clarity. I started out on both my healing journey and on my development with Beverleigh, and I am who I am in my work in great part to her. She is incredibly compassionate and the kindest soul. I can give no greater recommendation than to say I trust Beverleigh with all that I am and she has my highest recommendations.

Lucy F. Coquitlam, BC

I highly recommend getting a reading from Beverleigh. She has been a friend of my moms since I was a young child, and has given us both readings. Her readings are powerful, truthful, and leave me with a new and positive perspective. She made me feel safe, loved, and protected during my reading and gave me answers to multiple questions that I had and was very confused about. I came away from it feeling refreshed, calm, and feeling secure and with clarity overall. I fully trust her and will always get a reading from her and only her. Thank you Beverleigh!

Allyssa R. Victoria, BC

Beverleigh provided a calm and serene environment for my Reiki session. She was gentle with her approach and in no time at all I felt calm and relaxed. Two weeks later and I still feel amazing. You are truly gifted Beverleigh, thank you for such a great experience.

Charlie P. Pitt Meadows, BC

Sitting for a reading with Beverleigh is like meeting an old friend for a cup of tea. Her vibrant personality draws you in and makes you feel at ease. The reading itself was the most amazing experience. It was emotional at times, yet so full of love and insight. Beverleigh was incredibly accurate and provided me with some definite direction. I cannot thank Beverleigh enough for sharing her beautiful gift of communicating with spirit. I am forever grateful. Namaste my friend.

Shana H. Pitt Meadows, BC

I recently had the pleasure of one-on-one instruction from Beverleigh on how to access the Akashic Records. Her step-by-step method of instruction is very clear, focused and easy to follow. As well, she provided written instructions, which I greatly appreciated, to augment the sessions and for future reference. With her guidance, I was quickly able to master the process to enter the Akashic Records Library in my second session with her. Accessing my records was truly an enlightening and spiritually enriching experience for me. I also learned how to work with others to access their Akashic Records using Beverleigh’s process. My heartfelt gratitude to Beverleigh for sharing her knowledge, wisdom and spiritual connections, especially Bald Eagle, with me.

Nancy P. Maple Ridge, BC

One of my most favourite readings, of many over the years with Beverleigh and Bald Eagle was over a decade ago. My son who was not yet three years old at the time had a severe profound speed delay diagnosis. I was concerned & amazingly, although Bev had no prior knowledge of this, she identified this concern and reassured me that by the time he’d be around five years old, that this would leave him. I explained that I worried he may have learning difficulties in the future show up also, but was told this will not happen for him. The speech therapy dragged for years, and he never spoke in his pre-school, and as school approached, I was getting more concerned but often reminded myself of that reading! How surprised and delighted I was when his kindergarten teacher said she heard no difference in his speech than his classmates & he was finally confident enough to talk in school. Also his speech therapist regarded him as now being equivalent and we were finally released from the therapies which he found frustrating so many times. My son is now almost 15 and has no learning challenges as the Reading with Bev stated. He’s confident in high school presentations, public speaking and drama too! And he has a wonderful voice! Thanks again Beverleigh for that reading so long ago!

Lisa R. Vancouver Island

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