All readings, courses and workshops are primarily located in Maple Ridge, BC.  We also offer a variety of other locations to serve clientele in different areas. Please contact Beverleigh directly to enquire as to Reading days/times and availability, as well as registration dates, waitlists, locations, prices and payment options.

Services Offered

New Service: Phone readings or readings via Skype, call 604-362-4447 to set up your session, two time slots available, one hour or 30 minutes.

Breakdown of Courses and Workshops –  Finer Details

Professional Psychic Mediumship Readings

My readings are as unique as you are!  

In your reading Guides gather to help facilitate real connexions to the areas within your life that maybe concerning you – relationships, family, career, finances, health…and more. We are an open door for your loved ones (including pets) to walk through and spend time much needed time with you. When in Spirit your loved one may be able to clear up any previous misunderstandings, explain what the difficulties in his/her life were, and work towards helping you release any guilt or negativity that is still impacting your daily life due to their passing. Quite naturally healing will begin to take seed as you know without a doubt that they are with you, they see you, feel you and love you and will prove it.

Usui Reiki Master Healing – 45 or 90 Minute Sessions 

Usui Reiki is a traditional hands on healing practice that transmits Universal energy from the Practitioner to the individual.  It may be used wherever there is a desire for healing – physical, mental, emotional or spiritual bodies. Come join me for a session and feel the difference this ancient Japanese method of healing can give you, all of you.

The Spiritual Development Circle

The Spiritual Development Circle (SDC) consists of levels 1-5, and each consecutive level runs 14 weeks.  The purpose is to provide a safe and productive environment where your gifts (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience) are discovered, gently drawn to the surface and developed to the highest level possible. We prefer to have a minimum of four and a maximum of twelve people attending. Once our circle is formed it will be not be open for others to join in, it is considered a closed circle. Each level builds consecutively upon the previous one for your whole development. Classes are comprised of lessons taught by the Instructor, practical work by students, and of course group work in circle. Due to the unique nature of these classes we will not be disclosing what each level entails, contact the Instructor for additional details.


Meditation calms the mind, increases clarity and concentration while reducing stress and anxiety.  We offer meditation classes to help you build your practice and create deeper states of wholeness, balance and vitality.

Introduction to Seated Meditation –  Level 1 – Four, 2 hr Classes

In this class we introduce you to the basics of seated meditation.  If you have been thinking you want to begin meditation and are not sure where to start this is the place for you!  The intro level covers breath work, centering and grounding.  It also includes a specially channeled guided visualization exercise/meditation for balance and harmony.  

Guided Visualizations – Level 2 – Six, 2 hr Classes

Spirit inspired guided visualizations that lead you on a metaphysical journey to your best self.  Personal creativity will be restored, stress will be released and your mental body will be re-energized…get ready to inspire your own future.  

Healing Meditations – Level 3 – Eight, 2 hr Classes

Building on the previous levels and using your new tools we will teach you how to use visualizations and meditation to facilitate self-healing of mental, emotional, physical or spiritual problems.  By this level, the mind, body and spirit work together resulting in balance of thought, awareness and well being.  It is in this state that healing occurs on many levels.

Insight and Intuition – Level 4 – Eight, 2 hr Classes

Learn to use meditation to meet enlightened beings, spiritual teachers, ascended masters, your Guide(s) and or higher self.  As these relationships are being discovered and acted upon in our class you will deepen spiritually, and quiet naturally open up your intuitive abilities creating the necessary space within for wisdom and guidance to flow.

Meeting Your Guide – One day workshop – 6 hrs

Who is your Guide? Can you really see, hear or feel them? How do you really know they are with you?  So many questions!  Over the course of the day you will learn how to step up to your teacher, connect, and channel your very own Guide, this is one relationship that once established you will always cherish.

Akashic Records –  Half Day Workshop, 4 hrs

Often referred to as “The Mind of God” or “The Book of Life” the Akashic Records encompass all the thoughts, actions, feelings, intentions and history of all humankind – stretching back as far as the creation of the Cosmos. It is believed that these records exist on a non-physical plane and can be accessed in a variety of ways – Reiki, Prayer, Meditation, Spontaneous Release or through Hypnosis. In this half day workshop you will learn how to access your these records for your own personal growth or for that of a client.  

Some of the areas that may be covered while accessing the Akashic Records are the following: 

Past Life Situations – Useful if the influence is being felt in the present lifetime.

Health – Physical, Mental, Emotional or Spiritual concerns – along with corrective measures.

Career Information – Helpful in providing direction to an individual when they are starting out or rebuilding a career.

Family – Learning on a soul level – life lessons with individual people as well as in groups (family members). 

Prerequisites: Minimum – Meditation – Levels 1 through 3. Professional Mediums or Intuitive Arts Practitioners may register with Instructors approval. 

Crystals and Gemstones – Six, 2 hr classes

Over the course of six weeks we will educate and empower you in using crystals in your day to day life.  We cover everything from the ground up including…

  • Choosing the right Crystal for you
  • Crystal care and maintenance
  • Meditation and Crystal applications
  • Healing with Crystals
  • Crystal Gems and Elixirs  (create and take home your own elixir)
  • How to use at home or work
  • Divination
  • Past life recall
  • Crystal Grids

Chakras – Introduction –  Two, 4 hr Classes

This is a great place to begin discovering and exploring your Chakras. Come and learn about the seven main chakras and how to activate, cleanse, and balance them. We will explore these energy centers through various yoga poses, with essential oils, crystals and through guided visualizations and meditations.

Chakras – Intermediate – Re-Energization – Four, 4 hr Classes

If you have been feeling disconnected from self or environment or have been feeling physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually stuck try this inner body work out.  We will utilize crystal wands, singing bowls along with spirit inspired deep relaxation techniques and meditations to bring back your own light in its entirety.

Chakras, Adv.– Seeing, Feeling, Hearing & Vocalizing, Eight, 4 hr Classes

This is a very intense level, to attend this level both Intro and Intermediate Chakra classes must be successfully completed.  We will teach you how to see inside your Chakras, feel their distinct energies, hear each and everyone of them, and discover your own sound (vocalization)…be prepared to amaze yourself!

 Mediumship – Ten, 2 hr classes

There are many different definitions of what a medium is suffice to say for this course we will use this definition:

“A Medium is an individual who is committed to walking between the physical and spiritual worlds, who has the abiltity to communicate with those in Spirit for the higher good, and who desires to be in service.” 

This course is designed for intuitive arts practitioners or individuals with sufficient background in psychic arts who are looking to make the final step into mediumship. We will expertly and professionally guide, teach and direct you into the best form of Mediumship that you are meant to be in.

Spiritual Mentorship

Professional caring guidance over the course of your first year as a Professional Medium. Must have at least one year of professional reading to sign up for this program, no exceptions.

Mentorship includes the following:

  • One on one access to my knowledge and expertise
  • Regular weekly 60 Minute “booster” sessions to increase your spiritual learning & development
  • My professional committment to your success 
  • Constructive guidance with appropriate and real feedback
  • Coaching sessions –  Five weekly – includes goal setting and monitoring of your work – 30 minutes daily
  • Proven techniques to help move you past any personal or professional blocks on your road to Mediumship
  • Expert guidance in creating and maintaining your path as a professional medium while keeping yourself balanced, nurtured, and joyful
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