Specialty Class @ Epic Yoga, Maple Ridge! Chakra Yoga and Spirit Inspired Meditations

Come join Virginia of Blissful Path Healing & Yoga and myself as we offer you a wonderful experience and journey into your 7 main chakras through yoga and meditation. Due to life and our various experiences our Chakras may become misshapen, flat, overactive or inactive, and we absolutely need to remedy this! The combination of chakra yoga and deep meditation will start the corrective process and help you in your journey towards complete health and wellness.

You can join us at Epic Yoga on Friday, November 27th from 7 to 8:30 pm. Our class is suitable for all ages and all abilities. You may purchase this 1.5 hour specialty class at Epic Yoga via their website (epicyogastudio.com) for only $37.50

We are so excited, see you there!

In love, light and healing,


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