New world…New hair(wait, what???) …New classes/courses and workshops!

It’s been so long since I have written, and just like everyone else I have been trying to figure out how best to adapt whilst doing what I love…Readings, Classes, Courses and Workshops. So September & October have come in like a pride of lions (what…wait isn’t that supposed to be March and only one lion???) meaning I have sooooo much going on…lots of classes, courses, workshops, and all at my favourite haunt in Port Moody, White Lotus Divine Healing!

I have purchased a clear plexiglass divider to support proper Covid-19 safety measures when doing Readings or private classes, and please know there are limited numbers in all classes, courses & workshops. We are always keeping your safety in mind, so onwards and upwards!!

I also closed the home studio to be respectful to family during these times…and what about the NEW HAIR?? Call it what you will but this girls hair is officially straight…how’s that for a new start in the new world….missing my crazy rock star hair but you’ve gotta roll with it baby 🙂



Master Healing – Reiki, Reading & Ancestral Karmic Connection and Release – Private Sessions, Minimum of 3 sessions and maximum of 6. Time: 2 hrs. Dates: On going. Investment: $180 per session.

Usui Master healing with sharing of all knowledge from my Guides and Spirit (the Reading) with connection to your ancestors for removal of any ancestral karma that is operating in your life. This can be in any form – physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. The end result is complete removal of karmic blockages, pain, and toxicity, this includes your ancestors and future generations to come. Your whole energy field will be clear, light and free from all karmic debt…what a gift!

Master Healing and Reading Combo – Private Sessions, Time: 2 hrs per session, Dates: On going, Investment: $150 per session, recommended 2 sessions minimum, maximum of 4.

Come experience the magic of Master Healing and Reading, together they are a tough combo to beat! Each session will increase connections to inner self with clarity and connections that only Spirit can bring, and as result amazing releases will happen in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Spirit inspired and directed Reiki will then complete your healing process as you move towards complete health and wellness.

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