New!!! On Line Services… Coronavirus and Beyond…See prayer at the end :)

Hi everyone, I would like to offer you the following services On line – either through FaceTime, Skype, Phone or Zoom. Payments need to be done prior to scheduled sessions, call Beverleigh at 604-362-4447 to book or email her at

Professional Psychic Mediumship Readings: 60 minutes at $150 or 30 minutes at $75. In your reading Guides gather to help facilitate real connexions to the areas within your life that maybe concerning you – relationships, family, career, finances, health…and more. 

Tarot Readings are one session, 30 minutes at $65. One person at a time only. Description: This will be a fun and interactive session where you will be able to ask 2 to 3 questions and have Beverleigh accurately read the tarot for you.  

Tarot Tutoring is two sessions at 60 minutes each at $100 for both or $50 per session, preferably sold as 2 classes. Offering – one to four people. Description:  Fine tuning of reading cards with metaphysical coaching and direction, this will greatly increase your confidence and abilities when reading cards for self or others.

Meditations are One session, 60 minutes each at $65. Offering – one to ten people. Meditations for Stress and Anxiety 
Description: Beverleigh will expertly and intuitively guide you in connecting in with your deepest self to release all stressors and anxieties with spirit directed and inspired healing meditations. You will leave your meditation feeling completely grounded, lighter in heart, mind and spirit as all worries are released leaving you in a state of peaceful calm and balance.  

Akashic Records are One session, 90 minutes at $75. Offering – one person at a time only. Description: Accessing your records with direct support and intuitive guidance from Beverleigh. This course is only for seasoned meditators or those with a substantial consistent spiritual practice.  Some of the areas that may be covered are:  Past Lives, Health Concerns along with corrective measures, Career choices/options, and Family/other people relationships. Once learnt you will have the ability to move back into your records on your own at any time…amazing! 

Spiritual Mentorship, Four sessions, 60 minutes at $400, can also be offered as one session at $100. Offering – one person at a time only. Description: Professional care and guidance as you develop your gifts – clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience. You will have one on one access to my knowledge and expertise when working with Spirit.  You will also receive weekly 60 minute “booster sessions,” where I will work with Universal Energy to increase your vibrations raising you up enough to move you through any deeper level blocks.  Spiritual Mentorship is perfect for those who are already practising as Mediums, Tarot Readers, and or Healers. 

Chakras – Intro, Intermediate and Advanced.
Introduction, 4 Classes, 60 minutes each at $100.  Offering – 1 to 10 people. 
Intermediate, 4 Classes, 60 minutes each at $120.  Offering – 1 to 10 people.
Advanced, 4 Classes, 60 minutes each at $140.  Offering – 1- 10 people.


Introductory Level:  For those who are just starting out we will expertly guide you in the workings of your seven main chakras. We will provide you with practical physical exercises and metaphysical applications (guided meditations and other intuitive exercises) as you begin this inner journey.  

Intermediate Level – Re-Energization of Self:  If you have been feeling disconnected from self or environment or have been feeling physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually stuck try this level. We will utilize crystals along with spirit inspired deep relaxation techniques and meditations to bring back your inner light to its entirety. 

Advanced Level – Seeing, Hearing, Feeling & Vocalization of Chakras: This is a very intense level, both Introductory and Intermediate Levels must be completed to attend.  We will teach you how to see inside your Chakras and show you how to increase colour vibrancy, rotations, and in making any necessary adjustments to size and or shape. As a result of you will be able to influence your whole self and over all well being. 

Beverleigh’s Prayer

Great Spirit,

We welcome all guides, angels, archangels, ascended masters and enlightened beings into our space. We thank you for the love, light and healing that is being provided to each and everyone of us as we learn to function in a new reality…a new world.

Even if we cannot comprehend all the changes in the new world that is forming we want to express our thankfulness as we know there is a grand plan at work here – within us, our planet and our universe.

We extend copious amounts of healing to those who are left behind as souls depart earth, and to those leaving the earth plane, we wish you God’s speed as you make your journey home.

We also extend extra love, light and healing to our planet. We all know good mother’s feel their children’s pain, and Mother earth is absolutely vibrating with our thoughts, ideas, energies and confusions – let us lift her up with our love and light until she overflows.

In closing may we all feel and know the magnificence of Spirit’s pure love, and have complete and utter trust that we are exactly where we all need to be in the natural order of all things, and that we are all loved beyond measure.

Blessings to all,


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