Coronavirus and Beyond…my prayer

April 2020

Beverleigh’s Prayer

Great Spirit,

We welcome all guides, angels, archangels, ascended masters and enlightened beings into our space. We thank you for the love, light and healing that is being provided to each and everyone of us as we learn to function in a new reality…a new world.

Even if we cannot comprehend all the changes in the new world that is forming we want to express our thankfulness as we know there is a grand plan at work here – within us, our planet and our universe.

We extend copious amounts of healing to those who are left behind as souls depart earth, and to those leaving the earth plane, we wish you God’s speed as you make your journey home.

We also extend extra love, light and healing to our planet. We all know good mother’s feel their children’s pain, and Mother earth is absolutely vibrating with our thoughts, ideas, energies and confusions – let us lift her up with our love and light until she overflows.

May we all feel and know the magnificence of Spirit’s pure love, and have complete and utter trust that we are exactly where we all need to be in the natural order of all things, and that we are all loved beyond measure.

Blessings to all,


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