Get Your Smudge on …2020

We are so close to 2020 & New Year’s Resolutions…can you feel it?

I so have the answer – GET YOUR SMUDGE ON!!

Sage fast facts:

Physical Benefits: Sage clears 94 percent of bacteria in a space and disinfects the air. This means you can keep infectious bacteria, fungi and viruses at a distance.

State of Mind: Burning sage releases negative ions which is linked to facilitating positive moods in people, helpful for those with depression or other mental health concerns.

Emotional Attributes: Balances, soothes, uplifts and strengthens cognition, clarifying the mind. As the mind is clears the emotional body reflects this with positive energy.

Spiritual Benefits: Prior to meditation (or any spiritual practice) sage creates pure space energetically that naturally increases spiritual awareness & connections to divine power.

Sage Steps 2020

Sage self, family members, pets, all living spaces – including closets, and remember to keep a window open for negative energy to be released.

Go to your meditation space – invite in your higher power, guides, archangels, angels, ascended masters, enlightened beings and all healers to assist you in your goals.

Keep it simple, be open to receiving assistance. Allow yourself to receive and give thanks for the love, light, healing and assistance you have received.

Get ready for the year 2020 with a true set of goals/aspirations that you will definitely knock out of the park, hooray!!

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