Getting out of my comfort zone!

Okay so phone readings or readings via Skype hasn’t been at the top of my to do list, in fact I have resisted doing them for years due to the belief that the best way to connect is in person, and exceptions were made for overseas clients only.

We are all so busy in a world that thanks to technology is making it easier for us to get connected, stay connected and get even busier. There are truly not enough hours in the day to get it all done. I often hear client’s stating how they need at least 2 more of themselves to get everything done, then add in some attempts at self care (think yoga or meditation), while keeping family and work commitments (husband/wife’s needs, children’s needs/activities, cooking, shopping and cleaning etc.) and we are so done. When I can do things from home such as seeing clients in my home studio, ordering my groceries or shopping online it is so much easier…I actually sigh from relief!

I realize now how limiting this particular set of belief’s has been, not only for myself but for all potential individuals that Spirit and I have the opportunity to serve. I need to change, to grow, to move beyond preconceived ideas and notions…being in service in ways that are more reflective and compatible with the world we are living in.

So here we go, truly jumping in with both feet! You are welcome to email me at to set up a time to connect for your phone or Skype reading or call me directly at 604-362-4447 (leave a voice mail please) and we can work out the details for your session, looking forward to making a world of difference in your life.



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